[2014]《黑暗山腰/Black Mountain Side》中文字幕 高清电影BT下载

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导演: Nick Szostakiwskyj

编剧: Nick Szostakiwskyj

主演: Shane Twerdun / Michael Dickson

类型: 惊悚 / 恐怖

制片国家/地区: 加拿大

语言: 英语

上映日期: 2016(加拿大)

片长: 99分钟

IMDb链接: tt3139756

黑暗山腰的剧情简介  ·  ·  ·  ·  ·  ·

A group of archaeologists after they uncover a strange structure in Northern Canada, dating over ten thousand years before the present. The team finds themselves isolated when their communication systems fail and it is not long before they begin to feel the effects of the solitude.